VMRD was founded in 1981 by D. Scott Adams, DVM, PhD, and currently employs over 50 researchers, lab technicians and support personnel. From its site in Pullman, Washington VMRD develops and manufactures veterinary diagnostic test kits and related reagents for distribution in more than 77 countries. As a rapidly growing company, VMRD strives to preserve its family focused culture and core values of integrity and quality.

VMRD’s services division, performs specialized testing of raw materials, cells and seeds for the presence of adventitious agents to satisfy various regulatory requirements and quality assurance needs for the global serum, veterinary and pharmaceutical industries.


Products are improved as market requirements and new scientific information evolve, but each improvement must be approved by the USDA and undergo rigorous performance and stability testing prior to incorporation into product for sale



My father, Dr. D. Scott Adams, founded VMRD in 1981 with the vision of creating superior veterinary diagnostics. His tenure as leader of VMRD was characterized by a customer-centric philosophy encapsulated by the Golden Rule and further informed by his Christian beliefs. Now, almost 40 years later, the mantle of leadership has been passed to me. I share his vision as well as his beliefs and am committed to carrying on this legacy. I recognize, as he did, that no matter how hard we try to serve customers well, we will occasionally fall short. If you ever experience less than perfect products or service I encourage you to contact me personally so that we can do our best to make it right.

Thank you for your continued patronage and God bless!

Soli Deo Gloria!

- Ethan Adams, CEO


VMRD will be partnering with Longhorn Vaccines to bring Lonhghorn’s PrimeStore® Molecular Transport Medium to the Veterinary Market
  • 2020-05-19

PULLMAN, WA, MAY 19, 2020--VMRD is partnering with Longhorn Vaccines and Diagnostics, whereby VMRD will be the distributor of Longhorn’s PrimeStore® Molecular Transport Medium (MTM) to the veterinary market. This media is designed to rapidly inactivate viruses including avian and swine Influenza, bacteria (including MTB) and high consequence veterinary pathogens (including ASFv, CSFv, FMDv, HPAI, and NDv) within the sample and stabilize the RNA and DNA to provide safer and more efficient workflow for molecular testing and sequencing. It is validated for use with the automated magnetic bead extraction systems used in veterinary medicine. "PrimeStore® MTM has been tested by the US Department of Agriculture and top veterinary diagnostic laboratories and researchers around the world against high consequence pathogens that threaten the global livestock and poultry industries", said Chris Helm, EVP Global Business Development at Longhorn. "We are excited about the new partnership with VMRD to expand the global use of PrimeStore® MTM on farms, in surveillance systems, and VDLs, and supporting their sales team, partners and customers." “VMRD has served...

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VMRD COVID-19 Update
  • 2020-03-24

Dear valued customer Today, the Governor of Washington State issued stay at home order for all Washington State residents.  Since veterinary health is considered essential industry, we will continue to stay open, function under social distancing rules (which we have been doing for the past week), and continue to provide our diagnostic products and services to our customers.  This communication is simply to update you on the current state of affairs. I will provide further updates as the situation warrants. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team.  Thank you for your continued loyalty and patronage.  Stay safe and keep your teams safe. Ethan Adams CEO VMRD Inc.

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A Word from VMRD About COVID-19
  • 2020-03-19

Dear valued customer Following the World Health Organization’s declaration of COVID-19 as an official pandemic, we would like to assure our valued customers VMRD is paying close attention to any and all COVID-19 related guidelines, and mandates issued by authorities at the various local, federal, and international levels. Washington state has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Governor of Washington has recently shut down all schools, restaurants, bars and public gatherings in the state of Washington.  So far however, our county has no active cases and the impact to VMRD has been minimal. Currently, we are not experiencing any supply disruption for products; however, as the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, that may change. Since VMRD makes most of our reagents, we anticipate no disruptions if the current situation continues.  We will endeavor to make you aware of any impact to the availability of our reagents as soon as possible.  If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team.  Thank you for your continued loyalty and patronage...

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