VMRD was founded in 1981 by D. Scott Adams, DVM, PhD, and currently employs over 50 researchers, lab technicians and support personnel. From its site in Pullman, Washington VMRD develops and manufactures veterinary diagnostic test kits and related reagents for distribution in more than 77 countries. As a rapidly growing company, VMRD strives to preserve its family focused culture and core values of integrity and quality.

VMRD’s services division, performs specialized testing of raw materials, cells and seeds for the presence of adventitious agents to satisfy various regulatory requirements and quality assurance needs for the global serum, veterinary and pharmaceutical industries.


Products are improved as market requirements and new scientific information evolve, but each improvement must be approved by the USDA and undergo rigorous performance and stability testing prior to incorporation into product for sale



My father, Dr. D. Scott Adams, founded VMRD in 1981 with the vision of creating superior veterinary diagnostics. His tenure as leader of VMRD was characterized by a customer-centric philosophy encapsulated by the Golden Rule and further informed by his Christian beliefs. Now, almost 40 years later, the mantle of leadership has been passed to me. I share his vision as well as his beliefs and am committed to carrying on this legacy. I recognize, as he did, that no matter how hard we try to serve customers well, we will occasionally fall short. If you ever experience less than perfect products or service I encourage you to contact me personally so that we can do our best to make it right.

Thank you for your continued patronage and God bless!

Soli Deo Gloria!

- Ethan Adams, CEO


Newly Available Horse-Side IgG Test Requires No Refrigeration
  • 2023-01-16

PULLMAN, WA, JANUARY 16, 2023 —VMRD, Inc is excited to share the launch of their latest offering for equine veterinarians, a novel horse-side test to measure IgG in foals. VMRD’s Foal IgG test does not require refrigerated storage and runs in 10 minutes using the same palm-sized reader as the VMRD SAA test. The reader then objectively interprets the test and displays results, eliminating the stress of visual interpretation. “The Foal IgG test was designed with equine veterinarians in mind, incorporating features that address the challenges they face in the field,” according to Veterinary Affairs Manager Siddra Hines, DVM, PhD, DACVIM. “This allows vets to maintain their focus on the most important part of the job – their patients.” Failure of passive transfer in foals, characterized by low circulating IgG, can lead to devastating consequences by rendering the foal susceptible to a myriad of infections. Measuring IgG to ensure they absorbed enough antibody from the mare’s colostrum is therefore vital for any neonatal foal evaluation, helping the veterinarian determine whether treatment is indicated. &ldquo...

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AAEP 2022 | 68th Annual Convention & Trade Show
  • 2022-11-18

It's every equine vet's favorite time of year - and I don't mean colic season! We're looking forward to seeing everyone next week at the Annual AAEP Convention in San Antonio and sharing our products that offer horse-side results for horse-side decisions. Come by booth # 7113 to learn about our user-friendly serum amyloid A (SAA) test with lot-specific calibration for maximum test performance, and take advantage of our AAEP promotion to save money on your reader! As a bonus, we are also excited to share our upcoming test for Foal IgG that requires no refrigeration and uses the same reader as VMRD SAA. No more stress trying to interpret color - the reader does the work for you! Keep scrolling for more show information & links.  CONFERENCE SPECIAL   Want to know what questions to ask us at our booth? Brush up on your VMRDSAA knowledge with our Equine SAA Educational Resources

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  • 2022-10-06

Join us in Minneapolis for the 2022 AAVLD/USAHA Annual Meeting! Come visit us at booth #201/300 to meet with our team, including Sandy Clark, VMRD’s Molecular Product Manager, JJ McCallie, VMRD's new VP of Products, and Chris Helm, Longhorn Vaccines and Diagnostics’ Executive VP of Global Business Development. LOOK OUT FOR OUR WELCOME BAG INSERT TO TAKE A DNA QUIZ & COME BY OUR BOOTH TO RECEIVE YOUR REWARD! LEARN MORE   We'd also love to have a conversation with you and find ways to meet your needs! Would you like to explore alternative methods for molecular extraction that can save time and costs? We can assist with evaluation and manage the process with you. Are you seeking longer/better reads for WGS, NGS, or Proteomics? Protective transport medium used in tandem with our high quality extraction tools can improve your sequencing data.   More info about the topics we're looking forward to sharing with you:  PrimeStore® MTM Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits Johne's Antibody Test Kit (ELISA...

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