Custom Products from VMRD

VMRD has over 40 years developing antibodies, reagents and diagnostics for the veterinary market. To meet the needs of our research customers, we are happy to offer custom products to assist with a wide variety of projects.

Our highly experienced team members work with you every step of the process to ensure you get the highest quality product to fit your custom specifications. This begins with a conversation to understand your project and put that into scope with actionable goals that results in a unique product that fits your needs.

Custom Products from VMRD

We are an extension to your in-house capabilities.

Quality Assurance

VMRD’s product portfolio follows strict manufacturing procedures that result in high quality products. We are certified and regularly audited for the following:

  • ISO 9001:2015 ensures traceability, record retention, manufacturing process and vendor management

  • USDA licensed facility: ensure our products are held to the high standards as approved by USDA for production of veterinary biologicals and that they adhere to 9 CFR regulations

  • Quality testing: each finished production must meet set specifications when tested using industry standards to make sure they meet intended use requirements

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VMRD Quality Assurance Custom Products

Some of our custom services include:

VMRD Custom Products - Antibody Sourcing & ProductionAntibody Sourcing & Production

VMRD Custom Products - Antibody ConjugationAntibody Conjugation

VMRD Custom Products - Custom Vialing & AliquotingCustom Vialing & Aliquoting

VMRD Custom Products - Antibody Validation by Immunofluorescent AssaysAntibody Validation by Immunofluorescent Assays

VMRD Custom Products - Test Kit Development & ProductionTest Kit Development & Production

VMRD Custom Products - Production of Master Cell BanksProduction of Master Cell Banks

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