VMRD has partnered with CWD Evolution to begin manufacturing the key reagent for detection of chronic wasting disease (CWD) by real-time quaking-induced conversion (RT-QuIC).

RT-QuIC is an effective, easy, and extremely sensitive method to detect chronic wasting disease.

Detection of chronic wasting disease in many tissue types including obex, lymph nodes, and rectal biopsies.

RT-QuIC reagents produced by VMRD are validated, quality controlled, and ready-to-use.

RT-QuIC is a next generation testing technology that fundamentally alters the way we test for CWD. Instead of treatment of samples to remove soluble PrP, RT-QuIC logarithmically amplifies CWD prions to a detectable level in a similar manner as PCR amplifies DNA of viruses or bacteria for detection.

High-throughput test that can be performed in 96 or 384 well plates.

RT-QuIC has been shown to be effective for live animal testing using RAMALT tissue sample in multiple peer reviewed publications.

RT-QuIC testing offers new potential to solve the difficult problems surrounding a CWD outbreak.


CWD is a rapidly spreading disease of wild cervids in the United States. State agencies across the country are looking to develop new ways to combat this terrible disease.

RT-QuIC testing can provide numerous beneficial research projects that can make a difference in our knowledge of where CWD is found and what are the fundamental methods by which it is spreading.

Active research projects with RT-QuIC are making progress on live animal testing methods, easier hunter harvest detection methods, and increased sensitivity for post-mortem testing.

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CWD Amplification Reagent

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