Automated ELISA processor

The ELISAPro is a fully automated and lightweight processor that will run an ELISA from start to finish. Installation is quick and all necessary equipment is included: laptop, sample and reagent racks, a reader loaded with 5 wavelengths, and a probe that conducts sample dilutions, washing, and reagent dispense.

  • Optimize and add consistency to your workflow
  • Save time for other tasks
  • Save money from commonly used consumables
  • Run large or small test volumes
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Programs available to run VMRD assays
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Space saving design - Fits standard 60 cm lab bench
  • Software keeps records of all assay results and maintenance performed




The ELISAPro is a powerful automation tool that saves us time and man power.  We fully appreciate that we can set it up and walk away to work on other projects and when the program is complete the results can be directly transferred to our LIMS.  The convenience is a plus in a busy diagnostic lab setting.

- Dr. Duan Loy

Univ.of Nebraska-Lincoln Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

The ELISAPro has given me the freedom to work on other tasks and eliminating the need to carry around a timer.  In addition, I know that the results are reliable and trust that the probe is going to dispense precise volumes for each reagent step.

- Debbie Cassout

Univ.of Illinois Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

The ELISAPro increases our throughput and allows us to start late in the afternoon and have results first thing in the morning, helping to facilitate the timely movement of animals.

- Tiffany Brigner

Rocky Mountain Regional Animal Health Laboratory




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