Expanding Options in Veterinary Research & Diagnostics: VMRD Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits Available March 1st.
  • Sandra Clark | 2022-02-22

Pullman, WA, February 22, 2022 – VMRD is proud to announce the addition of Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits to its Molecular Product Line this Spring. DNA/RNA Extraction Kits are a necessary tool for labs performing PCR, genomic sequencing, or gene cloning and expression studies.
“After partnering with Longhorn Vaccines in 2020 to exclusively distribute PrimeStore® MTM to the veterinary market, it was a natural decision for us to expand our molecular biology product options”, said Sandy Clark, Molecular Product Manager for VMRD. “We have chosen the most commonly used kit formats in today’s fast-paced environments, with repeatability and excellent quality of DNA/RNA recovery being our top performance factors.”

The Spin Column Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit allows for rapid preparation of highly pure viral nucleic acids from swabs, tissue homogenates, and low-cell biological fluid such as plasma and serum. Simple purification steps are performed by centrifugation and the final elution in a low 30 μL volume offers concentrated template for downstream applications.

The Magnetic Bead Nucleic Extraction Kit is designed for either manual or automated extraction of nucleic acids from a wide range of veterinary sample types. Flexibility in starting materials and utility in high-throughput scenarios (with the aid of liquid-handling or magnetic rod robots) makes magnetic extraction a time and cost-saving option.

Providing reliable and easy-to-use kits has been a top priority for VMRD over the years, exemplified in its serology-related ELISA reagents and kits for veterinary diagnostics. These new molecular themed extraction kits are no exception. Paired with MTM at sample collection or as pre-treatment, VMRD now has an exceptional workflow for optimal recovery and detection of animal health molecular targets in both diagnostic and research use.

For more information on availability and to order, please contact Sandra Clark (Molecular Product Manager) at 515-491-6437, or by e-mail at sandra.clark@vmrd.com

To see all available VMRD Molecular Products at https://vmrd.com/molecular

For more information on VMRD's Nucleic Acid Extraction kits, please visit https://vmrd.com/nucleic-acid-extraction

For more information on PrimeStore® MTM, please visit https://vmrd.com/primestore-mtm

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