VMRD Johne's Kit Now Approved by the USDA for Goat Serum
  • VMRD | 2020-07-29

PULLMAN, WA, JULY 29, 2020 – VMRD has obtained USDA approval for the testing of goat serum on their Johne’s Antibody Test Kit.  This new development adds to the existing USDA licensure for bovine serum and milk samples, for which this test is currently used in laboratories across the US and worldwide. 

“Through hard work and rigorous validation, we’re pleased to offer the animal health industry a superior solution for Johne’s diagnostics, with flexibility to test various sample types, including cattle serum and cattle milk,” said Dr. Don Knowles, Chief Scientific Officer at VMRD. “With this recent approval for caprine serum samples, the reagents remain the same as our original product, including continued ease-of-use and minimal run-time in its testing protocol.”

This VMRD ELISA detects antibodies to Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP), the causative agent of Johne’s disease, in bovine serum and milk as well as caprine serum.  Johne’s disease is a chronic and highly contagious wasting disease affecting all ruminants, with major clinical signs that include weight loss, pipestream diarrhea, edema, decreased milk production, and eventually death.

"Goats are an increasingly important part of our agricultural landscape, driving customer demand for validated diagnostics to serve this industry,” said Dr. Siddra Hines, VMRD veterinarian.  “Our recent approval addresses this need and provides veterinarians and goat farmers with another valuable tool for effective disease management.” 

For more information on availability and to order, please contact VMRD at 509-334-5815, or by e-mail at order@vmrd.com.

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