Equine SAA

Equine serum amyloid a SAA

Product Features
  • Numerical results, now with enhanced upper range!
  • 10-minute self-timed test
  • Intuitive capillary device for sample collection
  • Includes extra dilution tubes
  • Fresh or anticoagulated blood
  • Add-on pack available for use with serum/plasma

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Feline SAA

VMRD presents a new point-of-care test for Feline SAA

Product Features
  • Biomarker to help identify infection & monitor patient
  • Numerical results for objective assessment
  • 10-minute self-timed test with handheld reader
  • For use with serum or plasma
  • Used extensively by equine vets – now available for feline!

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Foal IgG

VMRD and Gold Standard Diagnostics present SARS-CoV-2 ELISAs

Product Features
  • Numerical results - no more guessing
  • No refrigeration required
  • 10-minute self-timed test
  • Intuitive capillary device for sample collection
  • Fresh or EDTA anticoagulated blood

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VMRD Reader

Multiple tests, one reader!

Get quantitative results with our VMRD POC tests using the VMRD Reader. The flexibility of this compact, palm-sized device enables it to be used with VMRD SAA for Equine & Feline, and VMRD Foal IgG, delivering accurate and consistent results for your valued patients.

This reader also comes in a convenient travel kit that offers added protection for the reader and can store up to 5 test pouches for ultimate portability

In addition to its useful size, the VMRD Reader:

  • Will not lose your results

  • Times the test for you and automatically reads results at 10 minutes

  • Is equipped with a calibration system for optimum accuracy

  • Offers easy access to the reading window for cleaning

  • Does not require tools to change batteries

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finger on button of VMRD reader showing numerical results