PrimeStore® Molecular Transport Medium (PS-MTM) is an FDA-cleared Class II medical device, originally invented and validated for
human Influenza A virus RNA and for Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA.

PrimeStore® MTM is the Predicate Device by which all other inactivating transport media are measured.

PrimeStore® MTM is an exceptional “protector” of nucleic acids while denaturing proteins and lysing cell membranes in samples.

MTM's superior lysis capability also inactivates pathogens, ensuring safety and lowering costs in sample handling & transit.

With PrimeStore® MTM, infectious samples can be collected in the field, stored at ambient/room temperature for up to 30 days or more, shipped without ice, and yet remain able to yield exceptional downstream molecular analysis data.

PS-MTM facilitates broad access to molecular testing, reducing need for time consuming live culture of organisms and delivering nearly same-day information-rich data.

MTM-protected samples allow sensitive pathogen detection and high complexity RNA-Seq and WGS (Whole Genome Sequencing).


PrimeStore® MTM is compatible with:

Most common extraction and sequencing platforms (KingFisher Flex and Applied BioSystems QuantStudio, Ion Torrent, Illumina, Oxford Nanopure)

Point of Care (POC) PCR systems (Roche cobas® Liat / Cepheid® GeneXpert® / BioFire® FilmArray)

Over ten years of publications across a variety of sample types and pathogens support PrimeStore® MTM’s lysis/inactivation and protection function.

(Selected References are provided in Product Documentation)

PS-MTM ensures you will find the DNA/RNA clues you need to make critical decisions for infectious disease management.

Let us help you determine how and where PrimeStore® MTM could be most helpful in your detection workflow.

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