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Catching up with Dr. Torrisi

Bringing SAA on Board for Equine Ambulatory Practice

In this feature, we catch up with Dr. Kelly Torrisi, owner of Auburn Equine in Auburn, CA. Dr. Torrisi’s clinic employs 3 vets as well as 4 assistants and admins. On an average day, Auburn’s team attends to equine patients throughout the region, providing care from routine wellness checks on up to 24-hour emergency services.

Dr. Torrisi and her team were one of VMRD’s early adopters of serum amyloid A testing and are now loyal users. We wanted to get an inside look at what that was like for her and her practice to bring a new, novel test on board.

Auburn Equine team photo

What was your initial general impression of SAA testing?

"Initially, I didn’t see the need. I was doing fine without it."

What concerns did you have about SAA that ended up not being a problem?

"That it’s too expensive and my clients wouldn’t want to spend the money on the test and would rather spend the money on the treatments. Actually, clients don’t want to give medications if they don’t have to and I haven’t had many clients decline the SAA if offered."

How have you incorporated SAA into your patient care?

"I find that using the VMRD SAA test has been a huge compliment to my practice. The cost is not prohibitive for clients, and it has helped my case management to define a better treatment plan. There have been a few cases where the patient has not had a clear diagnosis, and there were financial constraints for the client, and I was able to make a good decision within 10 minutes with the client and patient present."

How have normal results been beneficial?

"It’s a handy rule in or rule out tool on the farm. Clients haven’t been mad when the results are normal, they are appreciative to know how to proceed with treatments."

What benefit of VMRD's product do you feel appeals to smaller clinics in particular?

"I appreciate the ability to not buy too many and risk the cartridges expiring, so far, I haven't had one expire!"

What would you like others to know who may be considering incorporating SAA testing in their practice?

"As someone who was one of the holdouts on SAA for many years and finally decided to give it a try, I feel as though it has improved my quality of medicine with prescribing medications in a timely manner as well as improving my assessment of treatment for ongoing medical cases."


Want to connect with Dr. Torrisi and her team? You can find them at:

Auburn Equine

1507 Grass Valley Hwy

Auburn, CA 95603

Phone: 530-823-0162

Email: auburnequine@gmail.com

Website: https://www.auburnequine.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuburnEquine/

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