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Catching up with Dr. Boutros

Bringing SAA on Board for Equine Practice

In this continuing feature, we catch up with Dr. Christopher Boutros from Waller Equine Hospital in Waller, TX. Waller Equine Hospital is a full service primary care and referral hospital, offering a wide range of services in surgery, medicine, reproduction, emergency, preventative care, and general health.

Dr. Boutros and his team have used Coggins tests for many years, and became early adopters of VMRD Equine SAA shortly after its release.

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What was your initial general impression of SAA testing, in general?

"Quick and convenient. Best diagnostic tool for investigating or monitoring an infectious process."

What is an example of one thing you were wrong or worried about?

"There was some hesitation about incorporating a new test. However, it is easy to run and interpret and at this point it would be hard to practice without SAA testing."

How have you incorporated in your day-to-day?

"Neonatal and foal screening, differentiating allergic airway disease from respiratory infections, investigating fevers or ‘ADR’ (Ain't Doing Right) horses, investigating infections and monitoring antibiotic therapy efficacy and duration of treatment."

Can you provide an example of how a normal result has been beneficial?

"Helps to determine if a horse has heaves or a respiratory infection and helps guide length of antibiotic therapy."

What is something that you appreciate about VMRD's offering?

"Compact size, easy to operate, more accurate than other systems."

What would you like others to know who might be on the fence on incorporating SAA testing to their practice?

"Just do it! More helpful than a complete blood cell count. SAA increases dramatically in infectious cases, and it helps clients understand the importance of the treatment plan. It improves client compliance.

What do you like most about VMRD's Equine SAA Test and/or Reader?

"Very reliable results. Fast and simple to use.

What do you like most about working with VMRD?

"VMRD Has great quality tests and great people. VMRD offers great support for their products. They are a resource we can rely on."

Anything else you would like to add?

"We really appreciate the dedicated staff. VMRD is more than just a vendor, it is a company that we rely on and have a relationship with."


Want to connect with Dr. Boutros and his team? You can find them at:

Waller Equine Hospital

28234 FM 2920 Rd

Waller, TX 77484

Phone: 936-931-2900

Website: wallerequine.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Waller-Equine-Hospital-111150545581683/

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