Equine Arteritis Virus Antibody Test Kit, cELISA




Twelve months from date of QC release.


Store at 2-7° C. Do not freeze!


2 plates , maximum 182 samples





Detection of antibodies to Equine Arteritis Virus in equine serum by cELISA. For Veterinary Use Only - Use Only As Directed


This Equine Arteritis Virus Antibody Test Kit is a competitive, enzyme-linked, immunosorbent assay (cELISA). Sample serum EAV antibody inhibits binding of primary monoclonal antibody. The binding of primary monoclonal antibody to the antigen-coated plate is detected with HRP-labeled secondary antibody. Finally, the presence of HRP-labeled secondary antibody is quantified by the addition of enzyme substrate and subsequent color product development from blue to yellow. Strong color development indicates little or no inhibition of primary monoclonal antibody binding and therefore the absence of antibody in sample sera to the EAV epitope recognized by the primary monoclonal antibody. Weak color development due to inhibition of the primary monoclonal antibody binding to the antigen on the solid phase indicates the presence of EAV antibodies in sample sera. This assay offers a rapid and robust alternative to serum neutralization (SN) for detection of antibody to EAV while maintaining excellent agreement with SN. OIE defines a horse as seropositive if it has a serum neutralization antibody titer ≥1:4 for EAV. However, determining the SN titer is time-consuming and requires certain laboratory facilities, equipment, and technical expertise to perform. Furthermore, interpretation of the SN titer of some sera can be difficult because of non-specific cellular cytotoxicity of particular samples. The test also suffers from inter-laboratory variation common to other SN assays. Without all these difficulties, and in less than 4 hours, VMRD's EAV cELISA gives results having excellent correlation with SN. It is truly a breakthrough in EAV diagnosis.

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