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Can cELISAs be Used With Different Animal Species?
Travis McGuire, D.V.M., Ph.D, Director of Research | Oct. 2006

cELISAs sold by VMRD are licensed for use in defined species. For instance, the test for antibody to Anaplasma is approved for use with bovine serum samples. The cELISA will detect...Read More

Interpreting Antibody Responses to EIAV Proteins that Vary
Travis McGuire, D.V.M., Ph.D., Director of Research | Apr. 2006

Antigenic variation is a result of changes in the protein sequence of agents which are caused by changes in the nucleic acid sequence that determine which amino acids are used to m...Read More

What Are The Patterns of Fluorescence in Distemper Direct FA?
VMRD | Oct. 1994

Two kinds of antemortem samples are most often examined; blood smears and conjunctival smears. Thin smears of whole blood or (preferably) buffy coat cells should be air dried ...Read More

Background Problems with IFA
VMRD | Apr. 1995

Cure for Background with IFA for Dog and Cat Viruses and Other Agents. Because of the presence of bovine origin products in vaccines, dogs and cats develop antibodies that rea...Read More

Exfoliation Technique for Detection of Non-Cytopathic BVD in Cell Cultures
John W. Black, American BioResearch | Apr. 1995

Culture cells to confluency in a 25cm2 flask. Pour off medium; add back 10 ml of serum-free media. Using a cotton swab, scrape off about half of the cell sheet and triturate w...Read More

Confirmation of Immunoglobulin Class Specificity
John W. Black, American BioResearch | Aug. 1995

Heavy chain specificity may be confirmed by preincubation of sera in 0.1 M 2-Mercaptoethanol. The procedure is as follows: Dilute sera in PBS (four-fold dilutions) with and without...Read More

IFA Test for Canine Brucellosis
VMRD | Nov. 1995

Brucella canis IFA substrate slides were used in parallel with the tube agglutination test (TAT) to test 488 canine samples submitted to the Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnosti...Read More

Lab Tip: BVDV Detection
John W. Black, American BioResearch | Apr. 1996

Bovine Virus Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) is not as easily detected by FA in chronic cell culture infections as it is in acute infections. One example is observed during 9CFR 113.51-2 tes...Read More

Cat Scratch Disease
VMRD | Jan. 1996

Bartonella henselae has recently been identified as a major cause of cat scratch disease in humans.1-3 Seropositivity of affected humans to Bartonella spp. Has ...Read More

Malignant Catarrhal Fever
VMRD | Jun. 2006

Malignant Catarrhal Fever Virus Infection of Domestic Cattle and Other Susceptible Ruminants   The often fatal lymphoproliferative and inflammatory disease syndrome malign...Read More

The 2000 Bluetongue Outbreak in Italy
Savini G., Monaco F., Calzetta G., Antonucci D., Casaccia C., Titarelli M., De Santis P., Conte A., Lelli R. | Aug. 2001

The aim of this experimental trial was to study viraemia and immune response in local breeds of sheep and goat, in order to evaluate their possible role in the epidemiology of blue...Read More

CAEV: "The Rest of the Story"
D. Scott Adams, D.V.M., Ph.D., President and CEO | Apr. 2004

To the Irish March 17 was St. Patrick’s Day, but for me it was a major milestone for VMRD and for me personally. We received a USDA product license for our Caprine Arthritis-...Read More

Easy Conversion of Optical Densities to Positive/Negative Results Using Microsoft Excel
Ethan Adams, Editor in Chief | Apr. 2004

Perhaps you have long suspected that somewhere, concealed deep within the labyrinth of Microsoft Excel, lies an easy way to make your computer translate your O.D’s. into posi...Read More

Cattle Are a Major Reservoir of Anaplasma marginale
Travis C. McGuire, D.V.M., Ph.D., Director of Research | Apr. 2004

Cattle persistently infected with Anaplasma marginale are a major reservoir for transmission of anaplasmosis.  This is because a main mode of transmis...Read More

Canine Distemper Is Alive and Well and More Dogs Are Dead
D. Scott Adams, VMRD, Inc., Pullman, WA, Bob Page, NeoTech, LLC, Dresden, TN, John W. Black, American BioResearch, Sevierville, TN | Oct. 2004

According to the third edition of Veterinary Virology (1999), “Canine distemper is the most important viral disease of dogs, producing high morbidity and mortality in unvacci...Read More

Neospora caninum control strategy based on testing herds for antibody
VMRD | Oct. 2004

A survey of 93 dairy and five beef herds from five regions of the United States revealed that at least one cow in 90% of the herds was seropositive for antibody to Neospora ca...Read More

Using Conditional Formatting to Highlight Positives, or Any Sample of Interest
Ethan Adams, Editor in Chief | Oct. 2004

In the last issue (VMRD Newsletter, April 2004) we saw how to use Microsoft Excel to calculate positive / negative values from optical density (OD) results of ELISA assays. This ca...Read More

Equine Piroplasmosis: Detection of Carriers Prior to Importation into the United States
D. Scott Adams, D.V.M., Ph.D., President and CEO | Apr. 2005

Equine piroplasmosis is a tick-borne hemoparasitic disease of horses caused byBabesia equi, B. caballi or both. Piroplasmosis is known to be endemic in every country exce...Read More

Reasons to Avoid the CF Test for Detecting Antibodies in Cattle, Sheep, Goat and Horse Sera
Travis C. McGuire, D.V.M., Ph.D., Director of Research | Apr. 2005

The complement fixation (CF) test is sometimes used for detection of antibody to infectious agents in domestic animals. There is a major problem with the use of this test to detect...Read More

Taxonomic Nomenclature Changes
Ethan Adams, Editor in Chief | Apr. 2004

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  It might smell as sweet, yes, but it would be much harder to reme...Read More

Introducing ELISAWare ™
Ethan Adams, Editor in Chief, Marketing Manager, System Analyst | Oct. 2005

HOW ELISAWARE™ CAME TO BE   For many years VMRD customers have been requesting a software program that would support our ELISA assays.  The development o...Read More

Obtaining Quantitative Data Using VMRD's cELISAs
Travis C. McGuire, D.V.M., Ph.D., Director of Research | Oct. 2005

It is often useful to know the titer of antibody in a serum for comparison with sera taken earlier or later from the same animal or for other purposes. The cELISAs made by VMR...Read More

A Tail of Flagella
Ethan Adams, Director of Marketing | Apr. 2006

In 1995, when we first tested the Clostridium chauvoei antiserum that serves as the raw material for our C. chauvoei conjugate, vehement expostulations proceede...Read More

Is Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) Still a Threat?
Travis C. McGuire, D.V.M., Ph.D., Director of Research | May. 2009

EIA is still clearly a threat; however the threat is less than in the 1970s. The overall percentage of EIA positive horses among those tested in the United States decreased fr...Read More

BLV Update
Scott Adams, D.V.M., Ph.D., President and CEO | May. 2009

Many of our customers have considered and some have asked about published sensitivity and specificity data Bovine Leukemia Virus Antibody Test Kit, ELISA (Cat. No. 284; 1 Plat...Read More